Molino Canyon from Molino Basin Campground

Today ADT and I hiked up part of Molino Canyon from the Molino Basin Campground. The canyon was pleasantly wet and the weather was great. The canyon has changed a little from the past few (post-fire) years – more sand lower in the canyon and the flat sand walkway (in the upper section of the canyon) is starting to wash out. It was amazing to see the amount of sand moving – even in the shallow water. Map.

From the parking area cross the road, after a very short distance the trail will split. Take the trail to the left – it will stay to the left of the wash and take you to the top of the first waterfall (the signed Arizona Trail heads right across the canyon). You may have more fun by walking the canyon bottom to the bottom of the falls (from the bottom of the falls the trail can be found up and left, the trail is the easiest way around the falls). After the falls continue up the canyon, hiking and scrambling (the scrambling is fairly easy but beware the wet/slippery rocks) – enjoy!

Molino Canyon

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