Bug Spring and a little more

Across from the Gordon Hirabayashi Recreation Area (often known as ‘Prison Camp’) there is a great hike up to Bug Spring. Park in the first available space after you turn into the Gordon Hirabayashi Recreation Area. Walk across the road and then head into the wash! (There is a trail, but I have never taken it – the wash/canyon bottom is reasonably easy walking and is quite beautiful). It is a fairly short hike up to Bug Spring – I have never been sure exactly where the ‘spring’ is, but the small dams and basins certainly mark the area (and seem to be the destination of the pipe that you will occasionally see in/across/beside the canyon). The canyon gets a little steeper and smaller after the springs and it takes more scrambling to continue up the canyon. The effort of continuing past the springs pays off as you get into the green trees growing in the upper part of the canyon, a nice change from the green grass/burnt tree landscape of the lower canyon. I did this as an out and back hike – but I think it might be interesting to bushwhack over to Molino Canyon and head down to Molino Basin. Map.

Bug Spring

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