Small Visuals Update 2

New version – I have worked through a few more features/fixes:

Source Code
Setup Files

– Updated the application to correctly deal with multi-area selections (see screen shot for an example) [to me this is valuable for use with PivotTables where I do not want to turn off subtotals].

– Added a set of button to move the current selection 1 row/column left/right/up/down to assist in the use of multi-area selections (this is in large part for quick selections in PivotTables)

– Added progress and cancel to Add Values/Clear Lines/Draw Lines (these can be slow) – all are implemented through the BackGroundWorker Class. I read sections of Joseph Albarhi’s very very helpful Threading in C# several times while trying to code this.

This image shows the multi-area processing on a PivotTable connected to the AdventureWorks DB –

I also update my original Small Visuals post with two really good links that I missed when I put together my list of in-cell/sparkline/excel links:

Mike Schaeffer’s Weblog – Excel 12 Databars Now. (Sort Of)
: Another nice take on in-cell databars via a UDF.

Andrew’s Excel Tips – Bar Graphs In Cells/2: A different take on autoshapes to produce the graphs – very nice results.

And on a related (but different) note I added a link to: .NET & Excel XL-Dennis on .NET & Excel – I am sure this will be very interesting reading if the .net/Excel combo is interesting.


1 thought on “Small Visuals Update 2

  1. Roland

    Incorporating graphs into tables is the way to go. Some interesting arguments can be found in a short essay by Dr. Bissantz, founder of the German BI-specialist Bissantz & Company on the renaissance of table-form design (
    We provide in-cell graphs in both our OLAP-based high-end Analytical Reporting tool DeltaMaster and also as an add-in for Excel (SparkMaker: Everyone is invited to test the later for free.


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