2007 Resolutions

A post of little interest to almost anyone other than myself – but hopefully a useful public declaration…

-Go to a gym once a week with ADT (classic New Year’s resolution with the small twist of helping/getting help from ADT, apparently a devilish thing to accomplish…)

-Don’t over eat (although guilty of this at home I certainly have in mind the insane portion sizes that many restaurants force upon you (see how much success you have telling the person behind the counter at Chipotle (which really has pretty decent food (but in one of the more insane portions I have seen)) for half the amount of beans and rice – likely you will be slightly frustrated…) I think I might actually pay an extra dollar to be given less food)

-Take a multi-vitamin every day (no comment)

-Program something useful in a non vb related language (originally I was going to say in C#, but maybe I would learn more writing in something where syntax was not the biggest change from vb)

-Take a picture every month of me and ADT (hopefully the start of a 50+ year tradition)

Good luck if you subscribe to this tradition also,

2 thoughts on “2007 Resolutions

  1. AJ

    Great public declarations. I hope they help. In any case you’ll be able to look back next year to see how you did.

    I like your idea of a photo with ADT each month, you already have the classic hold-the-camera-out-shot in so many of your photos together. Will you keep that style? I like it.

    As for programming language… I resolve to try writing something useful in python this year. Even if it is something I would normal use a shell script for.

    Happy New Year!


  2. danah

    Good luck, man. After reading your stuff I decided to jump on the blog bandwagon (http://danah.wordpress.com/) and give it a shot.

    I’ll write something up but my resolutions center around getting out of the “baby funk”. Logan and the move to the east really hit us hard and I think we let the whole experience control us more than it needed to. Other than Zion, we basicaly didn’t do anything at all last year. This year I’m focusing on gaining mental stregnth to not let the baby keep me from doing the stuff I want to do.

    Happy New Year.


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