Bike Commuting

Two years ago I bought a Specialized Rockhopper Comp Disc (current version) and started commuting to work. ADT and I still have one car and I drive occasionally, but now I prefer to ride – for commuting to work, errands and fun. Biking has made my life better – if you are lucky enough that your life/work situation permits it you should try it too!


Current favorite bike commuting gear –

Rockhopper Comp Disc with Nimbus Armadillo 26×1.5 tires (I think skinny tires turn a hard-tail mountain bike into a pretty nice commuting setup – and I have had too many flats with knobby tires on Tucson roads)

Starfire Single Beam w/ Smart Switch and Fuel Gauge from Jet Lites (Reliable, bright and I love the battery guage. I ride home in the dark ~4 nights a week and it is a huge benefit to be able to see the remaining battery life)

Timbuk2 Pro Series Backpack (Large) (I have used about 5 different backpacks/messenger bags in two years, nothing is perfect but I love the size of this pack, enough space for all the basics AND some groceries)

Icebreaker Tops – Merino wool is warm and does a great of staying stink-free even after a week of commuting

Toshiba R10 Tablet PC – Not technically commuting gear – but the bike/laptop is just a cool combination (I am a huge fan of the convertible tablet format)

Happy Commuting!

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