Romero Pools – Romero Canyon Loop

This week Dave B. and I headed out to do a loop several of my friends have mentioned – Romero Canyon Trail to Romero Pools and then down Romero Canyon. After paying to get into Catalina State Park and making the climb up to Romero Pools (this is a popular trail with signed trail junctions) we headed down the canyon. The (cold, cold) water was the highlight of this hike – we could have stayed dry longer but having some fun in the water was just too tempting on a warm day… Some scrambling is required to keep moving down canyon – eventually you will catch a good trail that parallels the canyon and takes you back to the parking lot. Map.

Romero Canyon Falls


4 thoughts on “Romero Pools – Romero Canyon Loop

  1. cmiles Post author

    Cool – glad you like the blog! You will have to let me know how the hike goes. I follow your flickr pictures, are you ding a blog too?


  2. Joe

    I’ve hiked the trail to the overlook for the falls.(5-23-070 Was a little tough in spots. Came back down the same way. Now that I see there is another way down I might try the route to the actual pools and then down the canyon back to the marked trail.
    PS. Love your hikes in the Catalina’s as I live about two miles from the park.

  3. cmiles Post author

    Glad I could share this route with you Joe! Following the canyon requires a bit of scrambling and good judgement but is amazing. If you follow the canyon down from the pools you might look out for a really nice side canyon that comes in on the right (looking down canyon) not too long after you leave the overlook – you can follow it up to a fun view overlooking the pools.



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