Pontatoc Ridge Trail

After two weeks of hiking up the Finger Rock trail to Linda Vista we needed a change of scenery, so we headed to the Pontatoc Ridge trail. The trail starts from the same parking lot as the Finger Rock Trail – a prominent sign will get you onto the Pontatoc trail and hiking towards the prominent cliffs below the Pontatoc Ridge. The trail crosses Pontatoc canyon and then begins to climb, part of the way up the climb there is a well signed trail junction: take the right hand path for the ridge – the left for the canyon. The trail keeps climbing with good views of Tucson, eventually you will reach a small saddle (very nice place to rest) with good views. As you leave the saddle the trail begins to climb again and you will quickly come to another (unsigned) junction. The main trail continues to the left to an area where you can see some of the old mining activity – the trail to the right climbs to the top of Pontatoc Ridge! Map.

ADT hiking up Pontatoc Ridge


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