Scott Dasovich ?

Aaron recently reminded me that most people eventually search the web for their name, and often the names of people they know – so these searches might actually be a good way to contact someone! With some names I suppose this would be a hopeless strategy – other names, like Scott Dasovich, that do not have a large return in Google seem really well suited to this strategy.

So I am throwing this post into void because I am really curious what my clarinet playing friend from Indiana University Scott Dasovich is doing now and I think it would be fun to exchange an email or two….

Wish this message good luck for me –

7 thoughts on “Scott Dasovich ?

  1. becky soeder

    I was just googling for Scott Dasovich too- I used to play with him way back in high school and I always wonder if he’s famous yet- all the google entries seem to be old, can’t tell what he’s doing now (guess he’s not too famous then LOL) anyway I will keep this bookmarked maybe someone knows.

  2. Dan Jablonski

    Funny these posts are so recent. I also played with Scott back in high school – he was a tremendously talented player. If you Google around for him, his name is out there but you’re right – there’s not a ton of information.

    Ah well….

  3. Milton Hopkins

    I went to high school with Scott, although I never played music with him. Was thinking about him and what he’s up to quite randomly today, granted I did download Mozart’s clarinet concerto off iTunes so that could be the impetus :-), and the top google entry lists our mutual friend as an associate at the law firm Williams & Connolly LLP in Washington D.C. Scott’s phone number at email address at the firm are also listed. Seems like Scott has been busing racking up magna cum laude honors at Harvard Law School!

    Dan, if you read this tell your brother Todd I said hello and ask him to drop me a line at

    Cheers – Milton

  4. cmiles Post author

    Milton – THANKS! I bet I had seen Scott’s name – likely even last June – but had always been really looking for music/clarinet related info. Just sent him an email –

    Thanks again for the comment!


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