Sweetwater Wetlands – Blackbirds!

We visited the Sweetwater Wetlands this weekend and had fun watching the flocks of Yellow-headed and Red-winged Blackbirds flying at dusk.


The Sweetwater Wetlands is part of Tucson’s water treatment facilities and the odor can be bit daunting at first. You will probably forget about the smell since the birding is fun and the habitat is different from many other Tucson area birding locations – highly recommended.

Yellow-headed Blackbird

2 thoughts on “Sweetwater Wetlands – Blackbirds!

  1. Paula Newton

    Tonight looking though my livingroom window facing north. There are at lease 100 or more blackbirds flying back from forrh on the top branches of three trees. For hours several bird take turns fly over to the trees on the south side of my apartment then back to the north trees. All set on the top branches that looks like large black leaves covering the top branches. The wind and a small breeze of snow blows. As the blackbird fly forcefully through the sky. It’s beautiful and strange. What are they doing? Why are they flying back and forth. Oddly in the morning on the side end sidewalk is covered with bird poop missing my entire apartment building and line up from in front of the house next door. How can they sit on the swaying branches in the cold night air…I must get another camera soon..Hopefully they’ll be back tomorrow night..I’m sitting in my livingroom in the dark looking out the window..now some don’t move…a few fly south and come back…several move around from tree to tree keeping the pattern of large black leaves on the trees. I don’t know much about birds and winter but I will watch them all winter until they decide to move to a new location.


  2. Paula

    These birds are eveywhere. I thought they were on the north side of my apartment. I put my coat and boots on to see what was going on. The trees around my apartment and these large brick homes are surrounded by blackbirds in the front and both sides of my apartment. Moving with the wind on the top of the tree branches. Most are quite but some can’t settle down..making the loud blackbird sound.



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