Canada del Oro – 2013 May

The CDO! Neither Lance nor I had ever been down the Canada del Oro trail and this was a great trip – Montezuma Quail, Painted Redstarts, Western Tanager, Horned Lizards, Black Rattlers, Flowers, Bear Scat and WATER! Both Lance and I were surprised to find miles of flowing water, quite a treat! Thanks to Alison and Erin for shuttling us and picking us up!

Great photos and post about the hike from Lance

A post from Sirena about her CDO hike – both Lance and I read this several times to get an idea about the area and what to expect – great!

HikeArizona description of the hike – as always on HikeArizona be sure to check out the Triplogs which can give you some great ideas on recent conditions and what to expect.

My GPS Track

1305 Lance in the Shovel Spring Area1305 Lance at the Junction down into the Canada del Oro13055 Old Skeletons and New Growth1305 Arizona Black Rattlesnake Warning Us on the Canada del Oro Trail1305 Arizona Black Rattlesnake with tongue out on the Canada del Oro Trail1305 Bear Scat
1305 Lovely area along the Canada del Oro Trail1305 Unexpected Water1305 Arizona Black Rattlesnake1305 Blue Trail Marker1305 Lance in the ferns1305 Balloon
1305 Ballon Debris1305 Mirror Match 11305 Underwater Spiders1305 Old Dam Remains in the Canada del Oro1305 Butterflyweed near the CDO1305 Stream Bottom
1305 North Ridges1305 Silverleaf Nightshade1305 Lance at the junction with 7361305 Old Style Trail Sign near FR 7361305 Mining Claim Sign along FR 7361305 Looking back on Forest Road 736

2013 May Canada del Oro, a set on Flickr.

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