Slavin Gulch – May 2013

1305 Abril Mine Ore Chute and Debris

I started the AM with the intent of just doing a quick run on Forest Road 687 to fill in a gap in my section hike of the Sky Island Traverse (my first post about the SKIT), but when I arrived at the Slavin Gulch Trailhead I could not resist going up the trail. The trail winds thru some great terrain – great rock formations, shade from cliffs, lovely dry wash and good views – the trail was fairly easy to follow and I never spent more than a few minutes wondering if I had gotten off track. The day was warming up fast but I was too close to turn around and kept going to the area pictured above – this is below the Abril mine and the old ore chute is visible in the top of the picture near my turn around point.

Great Information on Slavin Gulch and the Abril Mine from Green Valley Hiking Club (PDF)

My GPS Information

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