Wasson Peak – King Canyon Trail – Night Hike, 2013 May

1305 Moon and Headlamp on the King Canyon Trail

Wasson Peak is the Highest point in the Tucson Mountains and has several possible approaches – tonight we picked the King Canyon trail – Alison, Kirsten, Richard and I started at 9pm and made our way up the rocky trails to Wasson Peak under the light of a nearly full moon. Spider eyes sparkling in our headlamps, a bit of wind at the top, an escape from the increasingly hot Tucson days, great company!

Trails in the Tucson Mountain District – This is a simple but useful map of the area, no topographic detail and does not cover everything in the area but still very useful!

HikeArizona – King Canyon Trail – good source for information including GPS track of the trail.

Summit Hut Trail Talk Blog – King Canyon – a nice post by Dave Baker and map – includes a great link to a picture of John Wasson!

1305 Shadows Running Down

1305 Alison coming up to Wasson Peak


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