Fairbank to Contention, San Pedro River, June 2013

1306 Fairbank Historic Townsite

Starting the day at the Fairbank Historic Townsite.

Memories of the heat on my last San Pedro adventure – and climbing temperatures across Southern Arizona – motivated me to get an early start, after a few errands and a bit of driving I arrived at the Fairbank Historic Townsite. I wandered around the site for a few minutes inspecting buildings and reading signs – but I was quickly on the San Pedro Trail.

1306 Looking towards the San Pedro from the Fairbank Cemetery

A fallen cross in the Fairbank Cemetery – overlooking the San Pedro River.

The Fairbank Cemetery was a short (well signed) side trip from the main trail – I didn’t know what to expect but the hill-top location overlooking the river and feeling of the place surprised me a little, a bit lonely and distant. I lingered a few minutes and moved on.

1306 Path along the River after Willow Wash

Beautiful single track along the river – temporarily lost in the grass…

After Willow Wash the wide trail became single track – sometimes overgrown – and I followed what I think were Mountain Lion tracks along the trail to the Contention area. After a nice break in the shade I decided to take the river bed back – it was dry near Contention and stayed dry for sometime, but eventually there was a bit of flowing water.

1306 Shade

Green grass beginning to appear – almost to flowing water!

I took the river back to Highway 82 and then followed a small path along a fence line until emerging at the old rail platform under the highway near Fairbank – just a short walk from the car – finished before the worst heat of the day!

GPS Information

1306 Fairbank To Contention


Undammed and flowing north from Mexico into the United States the San Pedro River is amazing – I recently started doing some reading to understand a bit more about the area – some links that I thought were interesting/useful:

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