Lightning and Fire, July 2013

We headed up the mountain to try to catch a glimpse of a small fire burning somewhere near the Prison Camp area (reported at 240 acres on July 1).

At Hairpin Turn we smelled smoke, but in the sunset and storm we could not see any signs of fire in the Prison Camp area and even the smell of smoke was gone as we passed the (closed) entrance to Prison Camp. At Thimble Peak Vista we enjoyed the view and decided to head back down, but when we turned around and saw the storm and lighting… A few images – a short hike up a ridge just off the Highway:

1307 Lightning 01

1307 Lightning 02

The storms slowly moved away and we started down the mountain again – I didn’t have much hope of seeing the fire (extinguished by the storm perhaps?) but Alison spotted the orange points of light above the old Prison Camp area just in time to pull into the Bug Spring Trailhead parking. From a few minutes up the trail:

1307 Prison Fire 01

1307 Prison Fire 031307 Lightning And Fire

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