Above the Falls in Pine Canyon, July 2013

The Palisade Canyon Trail starts – unsurprisingly – along Palisade Canyon – within the first mile you might be tempted down to the water and rock, after that Palisade Canyon is a memory… a few miles later the trail has traversed to Pine Canyon, coming within a few feet of it and then running high along the west side – a look down into the canyon and it is hard to resist exploring…

0809 Pine Canyon Falls and Canyon

0606 Pine Canyon Falls

The falls – marked on the USGS maps of the area – are a favorite.

0407 Pine Canyon CliffsThe tall cliffs above the falls – about a 6 mile round trip to the top, part of the hike is off-trail.

0209 Camping above Pine CanyonThe top of the cliffs is a special spot – a picture from camping with Alison in 2002.

1110 Frank above Pine CanyonWith Frank in 2011 – taking pictures for the Summit Hut.

1307 Above Pine CanyonAnd visiting in 2013…

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