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Above the Falls in Pine Canyon, July 2013

The Palisade Canyon Trail starts – unsurprisingly – along Palisade Canyon – within the first mile you might be tempted down to the water and rock, after that Palisade Canyon is a memory… a few miles later the trail has traversed to Pine Canyon, coming within a few feet of it and then running high along the west side – a look down into the canyon and it is hard to resist exploring…

0809 Pine Canyon Falls and Canyon

0606 Pine Canyon Falls

The falls – marked on the USGS maps of the area – are a favorite.

0407 Pine Canyon CliffsThe tall cliffs above the falls – about a 6 mile round trip to the top, part of the hike is off-trail.

0209 Camping above Pine CanyonThe top of the cliffs is a special spot – a picture from camping with Alison in 2002.

1110 Frank above Pine CanyonWith Frank in 2011 – taking pictures for the Summit Hut.

1307 Above Pine CanyonAnd visiting in 2013…

Incinerator Ridge Trail – Kellogg Mountain Trail – Mount Bigelow, July 2013

1307 A Climber on Ridgeline
Taken from the extension of the Incinerator Ridge Trail down to the San Pedro Vista was completed last year – a climber at the top of a climb at the popular climbing area Ridgeline.

1307 Clouds behind Mount BigelowNice view of clouds behind Mount Bigelow – taken from the Incinerator Ridge Trail – Kellogg Mountain is hidden by trees.

1307 Mount Lemmon SunsetMount Lemmon – Sunset – from just below Mount Bigelow.

Almost 7 miles, 1800′ of elevation gain, Upper Green Mountain Trailhead, Green Mountain Trail, San Pedro Vista, Incinerator Ridge Trail, Kellogg Mountain Trail, Mount Bigelow – and the back the way I came.

There are plenty of scenic hikes in the Santa Catalina Mountains – but with the new section of Incinerator Ridge finished San Pedro Vista to Mount Bigelow surely becomes one of the best.

Upper Sycamore Canyon, July 2013

I first visited this lovely section of canyon in 2009 (an interesting hike using both Sycamore and Palisade Canyon – the first time I had ever seen a troop of Coatis) and then again on a short hike in 2010.

I parked at the Ridgeline parking pullout, and walked up the road picking the ‘best’ way down into the canyon. The top of the canyon is lovely but small, rambling thru the trees – it makes me smile, but not linger.

1307 Sycamore Canyon

I remember this spot well – I suppose in a picture it is just another stream in the woods, but this is the first spot in the canyon that really invites you to take a break – a worthy destination.


1307 Clouds

Thunder, clouds and – eventually – rain accompany me down canyon – I welcome the rain and even put on my jacket for a few minutes – the storm passes too quickly but beautiful clouds are in the sky for the rest of the day.


1307 Small Falls

There is plenty of water today and this small falls hints at the lovely section of rock and pools farther down canyon.


1307 Clouds and Burned Ridges

Really just wandering today and somewhere among the rocks and pools it feels like time to circle back – I exit the canyon onto the ridges to the east – it seems that the prickliest plants are growing back slowly here, I imagine in a few years this area will be quite different.


1307 Sunset

The ridges are reasonably mellow and just after sunset I am walking along the General Hitchcock Highway back to the car with great views and colors in the sky.