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Adrenaline Night Run, June 2013

1306 Sunset at McDowell Mountain Park

Aravaipa Running‘s 26km Adrenaline Night Run race starts in the desert heat at sunset – for a minute I run with my friend Ryan but he speeds off and is soon out of sight… I feel good – hot, but good – and a few miles in I turn on my headlamp. Why hasn’t the runner in front of me turned on their headlamp? We hit the first aid station and I hear no-headlamp-runner ask for batteries – I feel bad, I have a spare headlamp and spare batteries with me – should have asked, arg… After the first aid station there is a nice section downhill fun – but the last section of the loop is a series of awesome-on-a-mountain-bike rollers that wear me out before the Start/Finish line aid station.

1306 Adrenaline Night Run Finishing Lap 1

Finishing the first of two laps at the Adrenaline Night Run 26km

I take a nice break at the Start/Finish aid station while the great volunteers fill up my reservoir with ice and water – again out into the desert – I see headlamps spaced along the course but for awhile I can not hear anyone and I am essentially alone and not feeling great – why exactly did I sign up for this, wasn’t there a half marathon distance I could have done, will I ever do one of these again… But somewhere before the 4-mile aid station I start to have fun again and by the time I hit the last aid station I realize that if I keep running I can easily finish under 4 hours – longer on the course than I had guessed/hoped but it motivates me to keep a good pace all the way to the finish line where I am greeted by cheers from my friends!

1306 Saguaro and Stars

Night sky – taking a break after finishing before driving back to Tucson.

It takes about two days before I start thinking about what to sign up for next…

1306 Adrenaline Night Run