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Hummingbird Banding – June 2013

1306 Alison holding a Hummingbird Alison with a Hummingbird in her hand!

After waking up early and making the drive up the Santa Catalina Mountains Alison, Erin, Lance and I spent a great morning at the getting a close up view of Hummingbirds at a Hummingbird Monitoring Network Banding/Monitoring Session at the Mount Lemmon Observatory. These sessions are an amazing opportunity to learn about, observe and maybe even hold a hummingbird!

1306 Hummingbird Banding

Sweetwater Wetlands – Blackbirds!

We visited the Sweetwater Wetlands this weekend and had fun watching the flocks of Yellow-headed and Red-winged Blackbirds flying at dusk.


The Sweetwater Wetlands is part of Tucson’s water treatment facilities and the odor can be bit daunting at first. You will probably forget about the smell since the birding is fun and the habitat is different from many other Tucson area birding locations – highly recommended.

Yellow-headed Blackbird