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Lizard Rock – Tucson and Night Sky, July 2013

Late Moonrise, small Moon, light Cloud Cover – I left the house at 10pm and drove up the mountain – no sign of the Prison Fire, all of the other traffic was headed down. The hike to the top of Lizard Rock is too short to work up any good fear of monsters in the dark…

1307 Lizard Rock Night Sky 01

1307 Lizard Rock Night Sky 03

I stayed for several hours – experimenting with the camera and different shots, reading, watching the sky and enjoying the solitude – back to Tucson about 2am.

1307 Along the top ridge of Lizard Rock

2013 July Lizard Rock Night Sky

Lizard Rock – Sunrise, July 2013

An early start – before sunrise I pull off to see if the Prison Fire is still burning – a few faint lonely glowing dots on the hillside.

I am breathing hard as I hike quickly up Lizard Rock – just in time for the sunrise –

1307 First Light from Lizard Rock

and with time linger a bit longer –

1307 Lizard Rock Sunrise

1307 Looking towards Tucson from Lizard Rock

but not too long – back to Tucson – it feels like I stole this time from the day before anyone except Alison and the birds knew that I was gone…

Lizard Rock – Sunset and Moonrise, June 2013

1306 Sunset 2 from Lizard Rock

A bit after Goosehead Rock, just across from the Matterhorn, before crossing Willow Canyon and close to the General Hitchcock Highway is Lizard Rock – it is visible from many different locations in the Santa Catalina Mountains, but I rarely hear anyone mention it…


From the parking pullout we take an obvious trail that leads past a campsite and up a sandy/rocky path to a fantastic, but short, rocky ridge to the top. This is a short hike – it is windy at the top – we settle in – alone – to enjoy the views and wait for the cloudy sunset –

1306 Tucson in the Sunset from Lizard Rock

– the city lights –

1306 Tucson City Lights from Lizard Rock

and the moon…

1306 Moon over the Santa Catalina Mountains from Lizard Rock 2

Lizard Rock – HikeArizona.com, Mountain Project.