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Around and In Pima Canyon

Table Mountain from Pima Canyon

Years ago, while hiking up Pima Canyon, I remember looking at the canyon bottom and thinking that it looked much more interesting than the trail. This weekend I decided to peek at the canyon bottom by heading up Pima Canyon Trail and back down part of Pima Canyon. As usual, Pima Canyon Trail had quite a few hikers for the first couple of miles, but by the time I hit the first dam I was alone. The first dam has beautiful small pools above and below right now, this is the first time I have seen the pools clear and free of gunk. I headed up from the dam (past the first dam the trail sees much less use – it is overgrown and a little hard to find in places), not long after the second dam the trail begins to get steeper. After a bit of climbing the trail crosses the canyon and I decided to drop into the canyon bottom. Moving down the first section of the canyon required an interesting combination of downclimbing/scrambling/pushing thru brush across small pools and down carved rock – the canyon mellows out quickly and alternates between small scrambles, rocky spillways and brush in a pleasant ramble down to the first dam. I hit the first dam around 2pm and finished the rest of the hike quickly in a futile attempt to escape the hot Tucson sun! Map.