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Montrose Canyon

The Romero Canyon Trail in Santa Catalina State park can be a busy location – on a hot day you will undoubtedly pass groups of hikers focused on getting to the Romero Pools and enjoying the cool water. For much of the hike to the Romero Pools you can look down into Montrose Canyon. On Sunday we hiked up the Romero Canyon Trail until the last prominent saddle before the pools and bushwhacked/boulder hopped down the steep hillside into Montrose Canyon. Getting off the trail quickly separated us from the crowds and we took advantage of the quiet to have a nice nap in the shade beside the water. From where we entered the canyon traveling down is mostly easy hiking and scrambling – but we did come to several places where we had to exit the canyon to bypass obstacles. Eventually we ended up back at the Overlook to the Montrose Pools and returned to the car via the Romero Canyon Trail.